A plum is a flowering fruit tree, and it's also the name of the fruit that grows on it. Plums are small, dark reddish purple, and sweet.

Plums have an edible, smooth skin, juicy flesh, and a hard pit in the middle. When plums are dried, they're called prunes. The typical color of a ripe plum — a rich, purple-red shade — is also called plum. And informally, you can say that something great or desirable is plum: "I was just offered a plum role in the school play!"

Definitions of plum
  1. noun
    any of several trees producing edible oval fruit having a smooth skin and a single hard stone
    synonyms: plum tree
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    wild plum, wild plum tree
    an uncultivated plum tree or shrub
    Prunus domestica, common plum
    any of various widely distributed plums grown in the cooler temperate areas
    Prunus insititia, bullace
    small wild or half-domesticated Eurasian plum bearing small ovoid fruit in clusters
    Prunus mexicana, big-tree plum
    small tree of southwestern United States having purplish-red fruit sometimes cultivated as an ornamental for its large leaves
    Canada plum, Prunus nigra
    small tree native to northeastern North America having oblong orange-red fruit
    Prunus cerasifera, cherry plum, myrobalan, myrobalan plum
    small Asiatic tree bearing edible red or yellow fruit
    Japanese plum, Prunus salicina
    small tree of China and Japan bearing large yellow to red plums usually somewhat inferior to European plums in flavor
    Pacific plum, Prunus subcordata, Sierra plum
    shrub of the Pacific coast of the United States bearing small red insipid fruit
    Alleghany plum, Allegheny plum, Prunus alleghaniensis, sloe
    wild plum of northeastern United States having dark purple fruits with yellow flesh
    American red plum, August plum, Prunus americana, goose plum
    wild plum trees of eastern and central North America having red-orange fruit with yellow flesh
    Prunus angustifolia, chickasaw plum, hog plum, hog plum bush
    small native American shrubby tree bearing small edible yellow to reddish fruit
    Prunus maritima, beach plum, beach plum bush
    seacoast shrub of northeastern North America having showy white blossoms and edible purple fruit
    Prunus domestica insititia, damson plum, damson plum tree
    plum tree long cultivated for its edible fruit
    Prunus ilicifolia, evergreen cherry, holly-leaf cherry, holly-leaved cherry, islay
    California evergreen wild plum with spiny leathery leaves and white flowers
    type of:
    fruit tree
    tree bearing edible fruit
  2. noun
    any of numerous varieties of small to medium-sized round or oval fruit having a smooth skin and a single pit
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    damson, damson plum
    dark purple plum of the damson tree
    greengage, greengage plum
    sweet green or greenish-yellow variety of plum
    beach plum
    small dark purple fruit used especially in jams and pies
    small sour dark purple fruit of especially the Allegheny plum bush
    Victoria plum
    a large red plum served as dessert
    type of:
    edible fruit
    edible reproductive body of a seed plant especially one having sweet flesh
    drupe, stone fruit
    fleshy indehiscent fruit with a single seed: e.g. almond; peach; plum; cherry; elderberry; olive; jujube
  3. adverb
    synonyms: plumb
  4. adverb
    completely; used as intensifiers
    “I'm plumb (or plum) tuckered out”
    synonyms: clean, plumb
  5. noun
    a highly desirable position or assignment
    “a political plum
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    type of:
    berth, billet, office, place, position, post, situation, spot
    a job in an organization
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