In Roman times, the lower class of people was the plebeian class. Today, if something is plebeian, it is of the common people.

When you hear the word plebeian used to describe a form of art or taste, it means that while something is liked by a lot of people, it may not be of the highest quality or taste. Both soap operas and reality television shows have been described as plebeian forms of entertainment. A member of the plebeian class is known as a pleb, which is pronounced "pleeb."

Definitions of plebeian
  1. adjective
    of or associated with the great masses of people
    “his square plebeian nose”
    synonyms: common, unwashed, vulgar
    of humble birth or origins
  2. noun
    one of the common people
    synonyms: pleb
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    anti-intellectual, lowbrow, philistine
    a person who is uninterested in intellectual pursuits
    type of:
    common man, common person, commoner
    a person who holds no title
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