If something is plausible, it's reasonable or believable. Things that are plausible could easily happen. A woman becoming President is very plausible. A giraffe becoming President is not.

Plausible things are not far-fetched at all. Things in fantasy stories — such as wizards, dragons, and unicorns — are not plausible. On the other hand, some things in science fiction stories might be plausible: who knows where spaceships will eventually go? If something really seems like it could happen, then it's plausible. One of the many tricky parts of life is figuring out what's plausible and what's not.

Definitions of plausible
  1. adjective
    apparently reasonable, valid, or truthful
    “a plausible excuse”
    believable, credible
    capable of being believed
    capable of being supported by argument
    glib, pat, slick
    having only superficial plausibility
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    having a quality that provokes disbelief
    incredible, unbelievable
    beyond belief or understanding
    improbable, unbelievable, unconvincing, unlikely
    having a probability too low to inspire belief
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  2. adjective
    given to or characterized by presenting specious arguments
    “a plausible liar”
    lacking sincerity
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