The adjective planetary has to do with any astronomical body that revolves around a star — including the earth. Rather than a circle, planetary motion takes us in an elliptical shape around the sun.

In science, planetary usually describes the attributes or motion of planets. It's also used for anything that behaves in a similar way, like planetary electrons, which revolve around their atomic nucleus as if they were tiny planets. You can also talk about things that affect our entire planet using this word: "She worries a lot about the planetary effects of climate change."

Definitions of planetary
  1. adjective
    of or relating to or resembling the physical or orbital characteristics of a planet or the planets
    planetary motion”
    planetary year”
    synonyms: planetal
  2. adjective
    having no fixed course
    “a planetary vagabond”
    synonyms: erratic, wandering
    not settled or established
  3. adjective
    of or relating to or characteristic of the planet Earth or its inhabitants
    “" planetary rumblings and eructations"- L.C.Eiseley”
    “the planetary tilt”
    synonyms: terrestrial
  4. adjective
    involving the entire earth; not limited or provincial in scope
    “neither national nor continental but planetary
    synonyms: global, world, world-wide, worldwide
    concerning or belonging to all or at least two or more nations
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