Other forms: pixels

A pixel is one of the small dots or squares that make up an image on a computer screen. The more pixels there are, the more the image looks real or accurate.

Any digital image is made up of pixels, and when someone talks about the resolution of a computer monitor or TV screen, they're referring to the number of pixels. Older televisions have around 300,000 pixels, but new high-definition TVs can have more than two million pixels, which produces a very sharp, clear image. The word pixel came from pictures, or pics, and element, and was coined in 1969.

Definitions of pixel
  1. noun
    (computer science) the smallest discrete component of an image or picture on a CRT screen (usually a colored dot)
    “the greater the number of pixels per inch the greater the resolution”
    synonyms: pel, picture element
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    type of:
    component, constituent, element
    an artifact that is one of the individual parts of which a composite entity is made up; especially a part that can be separated from or attached to a system
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