Feeling a little saucy? Perhaps a bit provocative — but in a good way? Then it's safe to say your personality is a little piquant.

Coming to us from the French word piquer, which means "to prick," something that's piquant certainly piques your interest. Someone who's piquant engages you with charm and wit. A story that's filled with piquant details has plenty of juicy, provocative points. And grandma's homemade gravy? It's certainly zesty and piquant, even with all the lumps.

Definitions of piquant
  1. adjective
    having an agreeably pungent taste
    synonyms: savory, savoury, spicy, zesty
    pleasing to the sense of taste
  2. adjective
    attracting or delighting
    “a piquant face with large appealing eyes”
    synonyms: engaging
    pleasing to the eye or mind especially through beauty or charm
  3. adjective
    engagingly stimulating or provocative
    “a piquant wit”
    synonyms: salty
    rousing or quickening activity or the senses
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