If something's pictorial, it has illustrations or photographs. A graphic novel is a pictorial way to tell a story.

Years ago, a pictorial was the name for a magazine that had far more pictures than text, but today the word is mostly used to mean "illustrated." Many books for very young children are mainly pictorial, and you could call your grandparents' photo album a pictorial record of their life together. Pictorial comes from the Latin word pictorius, "of a painter," from pingere, "to paint."

Definitions of pictorial

adj pertaining to or consisting of pictures

pictorial perspective”
pictorial records”

adj evoking lifelike images within the mind

pictorial poetry and prose”
graphic, lifelike, vivid
aware or expressing awareness of things as they really are

n a periodical (magazine or newspaper) containing many pictures

Type of:
a publication that appears at fixed intervals

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