1. juxtaposition the act of positioning close together
  2. backstairs a second staircase at the rear of a building
  3. Pick's disease a progressive form of presenile dementia found most often in middle-aged and elderly women and characterized by degeneration of the frontal and temporal lobes with loss of intellectual ability and transitory aphasia
  4. backstop a structure to prevent a ball from traveling out of a field
  5. juxtapose place side by side
  6. postpose place after another constituent in the sentence
  7. logistics supplying an operation with labor and materials as needed
  8. ecstatic feeling great rapture or delight
  9. ethics motivation based on ideas of right and wrong
  10. precipice a very steep cliff
  11. picklepuss someone with a habitually sullen or gloomy expression
  12. acoustics the study of the physical properties of sound
  13. politics the activities involved in managing a state or a government
  14. bicuspid having two cusps or points (especially a molar tooth)
  15. pikestaff the staff of a pike
  16. lockstep a manner of marching in file in which each person's leg moves with and behind the corresponding leg of the person ahead
  17. ballistics the science of flight dynamics
  18. quickstep military march accompanying quick time
  19. big stick a display of force or power
  20. genus Dipus type genus of the Dipodidae