Definitions of phone
  1. noun
    electro-acoustic transducer for converting electric signals into sounds; it is held over or inserted into the ear
    synonyms: earphone, earpiece, headphone
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    an earphone that is inserted into the ear canal
    receiver, telephone receiver
    earphone that converts electrical signals into sounds
    receiver consisting of a pair of headphones
    type of:
    electro-acoustic transducer
    a transducer that converts electrical to acoustic energy or vice versa
  2. noun
    electronic equipment that converts sound into electrical signals that can be transmitted over distances and then converts received signals back into sounds
    synonyms: telephone, telephone set
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    desk phone
    a telephone set that sits on a desk or table
    dial phone, dial telephone
    a telephone with a dial for registering the number to be called
    extension, extension phone, telephone extension
    an additional telephone set that is connected to the same telephone line
    French telephone, handset
    telephone set with the mouthpiece and earpiece mounted on a single handle
    pay-phone, pay-station
    a coin-operated telephone
    radiophone, radiotelephone, wireless telephone
    a telephone that communicates by radio waves rather than along cables
    a telephone with a microphone and loudspeaker; can be used without picking up a handset; several people can participate in a call at the same time
    cell, cellphone, cellular phone, cellular telephone, mobile phone
    a hand-held mobile radiotelephone for use in an area divided into small sections, each with its own short-range transmitter/receiver
    type of:
    electronic equipment, electronics
    equipment that involves the controlled conduction of electrons (especially in a gas or vacuum or semiconductor)
  3. verb
    get or try to get into communication (with someone) by telephone
    synonyms: call, call up, ring, telephone
    send a message or attempt to reach someone by radio, phone, etc.; make a signal to in order to transmit a message
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    cell phone
    call up by using a cellular phone
    call in
    make a phone call
    type of:
    communicate over long distances, as via the telephone or e-mail
  4. noun
    (phonetics) an individual sound unit of speech without concern as to whether or not it is a phoneme of some language
    synonyms: sound, speech sound
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    (linguistics) one of a small set of speech sounds that are distinguished by the speakers of a particular language
    vowel, vowel sound
    a speech sound made with the vocal tract open
    glide, semivowel
    a vowellike sound that serves as a consonant
    a speech sound that is not a vowel
    orinasal, orinasal phone
    a speech sound produced with both the oral and nasal passages open (as French nasal vowels)
    sonant, voiced sound
    a speech sound accompanied by sound from the vocal cords
    (linguistics) any of various acoustically different forms of the same phoneme
    a vowel whose quality or length is changed to indicate linguistic distinctions (such as sing sang sung song)
    a vowel sound that starts near the articulatory position for one vowel and moves toward the position for another
    schwa, shwa
    a neutral middle vowel; occurs in unstressed syllables
    stem vowel, thematic vowel
    a vowel that ends a stem and precedes an inflection
    a semivowel produced with the tongue near the palate (like the initial sound in the English word `yeast')
    alveolar, alveolar consonant, dental, dental consonant
    a consonant articulated with the tip of the tongue near the gum ridge
    a consonant that is produced with a partial or complete blockage of the airflow from the lungs through the nose or mouth
    a consonant pronounced with aspiration
    labial, labial consonant
    a consonant whose articulation involves movement of the lips
    labiodental, labiodental consonant
    a consonant whose articulation involves the lips and teeth
    nasal, nasal consonant
    a consonant produced through the nose with the mouth closed
    a consonant that is produced with the tongue and other speech organs
    a frictionless continuant that is not a nasal consonant (especially `l' and `r')
    a doubled or long consonant
    surd, voiceless consonant
    a consonant produced without sound from the vocal cords
    velar, velar consonant
    a consonant produced with the back of the tongue touching or near the soft palate
    guttural, guttural consonant, pharyngeal, pharyngeal consonant
    a consonant articulated in the back of the mouth or throat
    type of:
    language unit, linguistic unit
    one of the natural units into which linguistic messages can be analyzed
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