The pharynx is the part of your throat right behind your mouth. If you have a sore throat, tell your mom you have an inflamed pharynx. It sounds more impressive and might get you out of doing the dishes.

You might not know it, but you use your pharynx all day long. It's the muscular tube in the front of your neck that lets you take in both air and food. When you eat, food moves through your pharynx to your esophagus and then to your stomach. When you breathe, air is taken in through your nose and then moves through the pharynx to the trachea and, finally, to your lungs.

Definitions of pharynx
  1. noun
    the passage to the stomach and lungs; in the front part of the neck below the chin and above the collarbone
    synonyms: throat
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    type of:
    tubular cavity
    a cavity having the shape of a tube
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