This sassy little adjective pert is lively and bold, like your pert best friend who storms in and demands to borrow your favorite jacket.

Although pert is found inside its synonym impertinent, "rudely bold," pert can also mean stylish, like that pert fedora cocked at a jaunty angle. Someone healthy and bright-eyed is pert, too. You might be pert after a strong cup of coffee and a pep talk, or after a visit from the celebrity stylist. Although pert has been around since the 1300s — from Middle English, “unconcealed, bold” — it is also the name of a shampoo that embraces all shades of meaning of this four-letter word.

Definitions of pert
  1. adjective
    characterized by a lightly saucy or impudent quality
    synonyms: impertinent, irreverent, saucy
    displaying animation, vigor, or liveliness
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