Persnickety is a lively, fancy word for “fussy.” If you've sent your salad back to the kitchen three times, you might be a persnickety eater.

The adjective persnickety sounds prickly like a porcupine, and persnickety people can indeed be sharp and prickly when they don't get things precisely as they wish. I don't mean to be persnickety about grammar, but you shouldn't use “ain't” in an academic paper. If you're persnickety about your coffee, you'll probably want to put the cream and sugar in yourself.

Definitions of persnickety
  1. adjective
    characterized by excessive precision and attention to trivial details
    “a persnickety job”
    “a persnickety school teacher”
    synonyms: pernickety
    giving careful attention to detail; hard to please; excessively concerned with cleanliness
  2. adjective
    (used colloquially) overly conceited or arrogant
    “they're snobs--stuck-up and uppity and persnickety
    synonyms: bigheaded, snooty, snot-nosed, snotty, stuck-up, too big for one's breeches, uppish
    feeling self-respect or pleasure in something by which you measure your self-worth; or being a reason for pride
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