The word paucity means not enough of something. If you've got a paucity of good cheer, for example, you'd better cheer up!

One good way to remember the meaning of paucity is that it's a bit like pauper, as in The Prince and the Pauper. The prince had too much money, and the pauper had a paucity. There are a lot of words that mean "little" or "small," but paucity is used when you mean specifically "not enough" or "too little." People in Los Angeles don't understand how New Yorkers can live with such a paucity of space. For what New Yorkers pay for a tiny apartment, Angelenos get a house and a yard.

Definitions of paucity
  1. noun
    an insufficient quantity or number
    synonyms: dearth
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    type of:
    scarceness, scarcity
    a small and inadequate amount
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