A pathway is a trail or other walkway. Hikers often follow a well-worn pathway as they walk through the woods.

Use the noun pathway to mean a walk, path, or trail — any marked way that's meant or used for walking. The pathway you follow on your way to school might lead you over a stream and through a field, or it might meander down a narrow city alley. Pathway is essentially a longer, redundant way to say "path," and in fact it comes from path and its Old English root pæþ, "path or track," which has a Germanic origin.

Definitions of pathway

n a trodden path

Type of:
a way especially designed for a particular use

n a bundle of myelinated nerve fibers following a path through the brain

nerve pathway, nerve tract, tract
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optic radiation, radiatio optica
a nerve pathway from the lateral geniculate body to the visual cortex
a bundle of nerve fibers passing from one side to the other of the brain or spinal cord
cerebral peduncle, peduncle
a bundle of myelinated neurons joining different parts of the brain
corpus callosum
a broad transverse nerve tract connecting the two cerebral hemispheres
Type of:
substantia alba, white matter
whitish nervous tissue of the CNS consisting of neurons and their myelin sheaths

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