Something you can physically cross is passable. A passable trail through the woods isn't blocked by obstacles like fallen trees or flooded streams.

After a hurricane, the roads you normally travel may not be passable because of dangling power lines or tree branches. This definition dates from the fifteenth century, literally meaning "able to be passed" or "able to be crossed." A later meaning of passable is "acceptable." You can use this word to describe things that aren't wonderful, but are good enough: "It's not the moistest cake I've ever tasted, but it's passable."

Definitions of passable
  1. adjective
    able to be passed or traversed or crossed
    “the road is passable
    able to be sailed on or through safely
    capable of being passed or negotiated
    climbable, surmountable
    capable of being surmounted
    travelable, traversable
    capable of being traversed
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    impassable, unpassable
    incapable of being passed
    unclimbable, unsurmountable
    incapable of being surmounted or climbed
    incapable of being navigated
    incapable of being traversed
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  2. adjective
    about average; acceptable
    synonyms: adequate, fair to middling, tolerable
    giving satisfaction
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