A partygoer is someone at a party. You can't be a partygoer if you don't come to the party.

This word defines itself: a partygoer is someone who goes to a party. The first step to being a partygoer is getting invited to a party. If you show up uninvited, you'd probably be called a party crasher rather than a partygoer. There are partygoers for every kind of party: birthday parties, graduation parties, holiday parties, and work parties. Someone who goes to many parties could be called a frequent partygoer. The more partygoers, the bigger the party.

Definitions of partygoer

n someone who is attending a party

“the hall was crowded with an overflow of partygoers
Type of:
attendant, attendee, attender, meeter
a person who is present and participates in a meeting

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