A parlor is a living room or a sitting room, the place in your house with comfortable chairs and sofas. You might also decide to put your giant new TV in the parlor.

The noun parlor is an old-fashioned one. Still, almost anyone would know what you meant if you invited them to join you in the parlor for tea. These days, a hotel, inn, or historic house is more likely to have a parlor than a private home is. The thirteenth century version, parlur, meant "room in a monastery for holding conversations." The "conversations" part stems from parler, "to speak" in French.

Definitions of parlor

n a room in a private house or establishment where people can sit and talk and relax

front room, living room, living-room, parlour, sitting room
common room
a sitting room (usually at school or university)
morning room
a sitting room used during the daylight hours
elegant sitting room where guests are received
Type of:
an area within a building enclosed by walls and floor and ceiling

n reception room in an inn or club where visitors can be received

Type of:
reception room
a room for receiving and entertaining visitors (as in a private house or hotel)

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