1. pari passu used in legal language
  2. peripatus any of numerous velvety-skinned wormlike carnivorous animals common in tropical forests having characteristics of both arthropods and annelid worms
  3. parnassia any of various usually evergreen bog plants of the genus Parnassia having broad smooth basal leaves and a single pale flower resembling a buttercup
  4. bare-ass (used informally) completely unclothed
  5. mariposa any of several plants of the genus Calochortus having tulip-shaped flowers with 3 sepals and 3 petals; southwestern United States and Mexico
  6. party boss a leader in a political party who controls votes and dictates appointments
  7. babassu tall feather palm of northern Brazil with hard-shelled nuts yielding valuable oil and a kind of vegetable ivory
  8. surpass be or do something to a greater degree
  9. pampas the vast grassy plains of northern Argentina
  10. paries a layer that encloses a structure
  11. barbasco West Indian shrub or small tree having leathery saponaceous leaves and extremely hard wood
  12. Paris (Greek mythology) the prince of Troy who abducted Helen from her husband Menelaus and provoked the Trojan War
  13. paroicous having male and female reproductive organs separate in a single gametoecium
  14. Parcheesi a modern board game based on pachisi
  15. Parnassus a mountain in central Greece where the Muses lived
  16. Borassus palmyra
  17. carapace hard outer covering or case of certain organisms
  18. Caribees a group of islands in the southeastern West Indies
  19. paradise any place of complete bliss and delight and peace
  20. paralyse cause to be paralyzed and immobile

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