Someone who's parental acts the way a typical mother or father does. A parental kindergarten teacher might pat students' heads and call them "sweetheart."

You can use the adjective parental to describe a motherly or fatherly person, like your parental uncle who attends all your school plays. It also describes something generally related to parents — like parental leave, a work benefit that allows new parents to take some time off to care for their baby; or a parental advisory, which warns parents about the content of an audio recording. The Latin root of parental is parens, "father or mother."

Definitions of parental

adj relating to or characteristic of or befitting a parent

parental guidance”
maternal, paternal
relating to or characteristic of or befitting an offspring
befitting a daughter
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adj designating the generation of organisms from which hybrid offspring are produced

designating the generation or the sequence of generations following the parental generation

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