1. parasitical relating to or caused by parasites
  2. parasiticidal capable of expelling or destroying parasitic worms
  3. parasitically in a parasitic manner
  4. pyrostat a thermostat that operates at very high temperatures
  5. Aristotle one of the greatest of the ancient Athenian philosophers
  6. pravastatin an oral drug administered to reduce blood cholesterol levels
  7. borstal formerly a British reform school for youths considered too young to send to prison
  8. parasail parachute that will lift a person up into the air when it is towed by a motorboat or a car
  9. Aristotelia small genus of shrubs or small trees of Australia and New Zealand and western South America
  10. paradiddle the sound of a drum beaten rapidly and continuously
  11. prosthetic of or relating to artificial body parts
  12. paradisal relating to or befitting Paradise
  13. parasitic relating to an animal or plant that lives in or on a host
  14. perinatal occurring during the period around birth
  15. postnatal occurring immediately after birth
  16. parasite an animal or plant that lives in or on a host
  17. parental relating to or characteristic of or befitting a parent
  18. parietal of or relating to or associated with the parietal bones in the cranium
  19. prenatal occurring or existing before birth
  20. Peristediinae in some classifications considered a subfamily of Triglidae comprising the armored searobins

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