When you slip up and say something you didn't mean to say, it may be a parapraxis — a mistake that reveals something hidden in your unconscious mind.

It's more common to call a parapraxis a Freudian slip, a glitch in your memory or a misspoken word that seems to expose an unconscious wish, fear, or conflict. Both the word parapraxis — from the Latin para-, "contrary," and the Greek praxis, "a doing," — and the term Freudian slip arose from the theories of Sigmund Freud, who invented psychoanalysis. Freud himself first called these slips Fehlleistungen, "faulty actions" in German.

Definitions of parapraxis

n a minor inadvertent mistake usually observed in speech or writing or in small accidents or memory lapses etc.

miscue, slip, slip-up
Freudian slip
a slip-up that (according to Sigmund Freud) results from the operation of unconscious wishes or conflicts and can reveal unconscious processes in normal healthy individuals
Type of:
error, fault, mistake
a wrong action attributable to bad judgment or ignorance or inattention

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