Pantyhose are sheer tights, a garment that snugly covers your legs. It was once very common for certain jobs to require women to wear pantyhose.

You might call pantyhose tights or stockings — this word is uncommon outside of the US, and it's typically used for a particularly thin, sheer hosiery with built-in underwear. Pantyhose were invented in the 1960s, replacing old fashioned knee-high stockings that were held in place with garters. The name pantyhose is a combination of panty, undergarment or underwear, and hose, which is short for hosiery.

Definitions of pantyhose
  1. noun
    a woman's tights consisting of underpants and stockings
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    type of:
    leotards, tights
    skintight knit hose covering the body from the waist to the feet worn by acrobats and dancers and as stockings by women and girls
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