Paintball is a game in which players shoot harmless pellets full of colored dye at each other. Some people play paintball in teams, mimicking a military-style battle.

During a paintball game, players use paintball markers, also known as paintball guns, to shoot capsules of paint at each other. Most people play for fun, although there are also official paintball leagues and teams, complete with organized tournaments. The US military has even used paintball as a way for soldiers to train for battle. The game of paintball was invented in 1981, and the first matches were played in New Hampshire.

Definitions of paintball
  1. noun
    a game that simulates military combat; players on one team try to eliminate players on the opposing team by shooting capsules of paint at them
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    type of:
    outdoor game
    an athletic game that is played outdoors
  2. noun
    a capsule filled with water-soluble dye used as a projectile in playing the game of paintball
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    type of:
    a small container
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