1. Anarhichadidae wolffishes
  2. ownership the state of being in possession of something
  3. worldwide spanning or extending throughout the entire world
  4. otherworldly existing outside of or not in accordance with nature
  5. owner-occupied lived in by the owner
  6. unheralded without warning or announcement
  7. incorporeality the quality of not being physical; not consisting of matter
  8. interrelated connected with or affecting each other
  9. otherworld an abstract spiritual world beyond earthly reality
  10. world-wide involving the entire earth
  11. worshipped regarded with deep or rapturous love
  12. underworld (religion) the place of the dead
  13. worshipper a person who has religious faith
  14. unreachable inaccessibly located or situated
  15. owner-occupier an occupant who owns the home that he/she lives in
  16. unregulated not subject to rule or discipline
  17. partnership certificate a certificate showing the interests of all parties in a business partnership
  18. worshiper a person who has religious faith
  19. worshipful showing great reverence for god
  20. sharp-worded harsh