1. each (used of count nouns) every one considered individually
  2. okeh an endorsement
  3. oca South American wood sorrel cultivated for its edible tubers
  4. Uca fiddler crabs
  5. AUC a terrorist organization in Colombia formed in 1997 as an umbrella for local and regional paramilitary groups; is financed by earnings from narcotics and serves to protect the economic interests of its members
  6. Waugh English author of satirical novels (1903-1966)
  7. yucca any of several evergreen plants of the genus Yucca having usually tall stout stems and a terminal cluster of white flowers; warmer regions of North America
  8. yucky highly offensive; arousing aversion or disgust
  9. Ochoa United States biochemist (born in Spain) who studied the biological synthesis of nucleic acids (1905-1993)
  10. ache a dull persistent (usually moderately intense) pain
  11. achy causing a dull and steady pain
  12. echo the repetition of a sound from reflection of the sound waves
  13. Echo (Greek mythology) a nymph who was spurned by Narcissus and pined away until only her voice remained
  14. Eyck Flemish painter who was a founder of the Flemish school of painting and who pioneered modern techniques of oil painting (1390-1441)
  15. jack tool for exerting pressure or lifting
  16. Jack a man who serves as a sailor
  17. jock a person trained to compete in sports
  18. juke a small roadside establishment in the southern United States
  19. o.k. being satisfactory or in satisfactory condition
  20. ogee a molding that (in section) has the shape of an S with the convex part above and the concave part below

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