originated; originating; originates

Originate is a verb that means to start or create something. You can originate the idea of adding a fancy new coffee machine to your company's break room, and before long, your entire office could be happily drinking mocha lattes.

Originate is the place or point at which any new thing or idea starts. It usually doesn't end there, though. A carpet that originates in Turkey can travel all the way to an apartment in New York. A rumor can originate during first period, but by lunchtime it will have made its way around the entire high school.

Definitions of originate
  1. verb
    come into existence; take on form or shape
    “A new religious movement originated in that country”
    synonyms: arise, develop, grow, rise, spring up, uprise
    be gradually disclosed or unfolded; become manifest
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    rise again
    come forth, emerge
    happen or occur as a result of something
    come, follow
    to be the product or result
    swell, well up
    come up (as of feelings and thoughts, or other ephemeral things)
    take its rise
    come forth or begin from a state of latency
    type of:
    come into existence
  2. verb
    bring into being
    synonyms: initiate, start
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    initiate, lead up
    set in motion, start an event or prepare the way for
    apply or start
    date back, date from, go back
    belong to an earlier time
    go back in order of genealogical succession
    type of:
    create, make
    make or cause to be or to become
  3. verb
    begin a trip at a certain point, as of a plane, train, bus, etc.
    “The flight originates in Calcutta”
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    type of:
    begin, start
    have a beginning, in a temporal, spatial, or evaluative sense
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