If you go against or oppose what's good, you might earn opprobrium — the opposite of getting attention for something good. Bad behavior leads to opprobrium. If you throw a soft drink off the theater balcony, the opprobrium might keep you from getting dates to the movies.

Even though the words aren't related, the "opp-" of the word opprobrium sounds a bit like the "app" part of "inappropriate." Opprobrium isn't an action that leads to disgrace, it's something that comes from the inappropriate thing that was done. A very inappropriate act leads to opprobrium for the person who did the act. "Infamy" — extreme dishonor, often with lasting consequences — is a synonym for opprobrium.

Definitions of opprobrium

n a state of extreme dishonor

“the name was a by-word of scorn and opprobrium throughout the city”
celebrity, fame, renown
the state or quality of being widely honored and acclaimed
Type of:
dishonor, dishonour
a state of shame or disgrace

n state of disgrace resulting from public abuse

Type of:
disgrace, ignominy, shame
a state of dishonor

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