1. airline business a commercial enterprise that provides scheduled flights for passengers
  2. oil business an industry that produces and delivers oil and oil products
  3. unfinished business work that is left incomplete
  4. monkey business mischievous or dishonest behavior
  5. line of business a particular kind of commercial enterprise
  6. aluminum business manufacturers of aluminum considered as a group
  7. family business a corporation that is entirely owned by the members of a single family
  8. printing business a company that does commercial printing
  9. fashion business makers and sellers of fashionable clothing
  10. agribusiness a large-scale farming enterprise
  11. unlikeliness the improbability of a specified outcome
  12. unwillingness the trait of being unwilling
  13. business the principal activity in one's life to earn money
  14. employee-owned business a commercial enterprise owned by the people who work for it
  15. uneasiness feelings of anxiety that make you tense and irritable
  16. unwieldiness the quality of being difficult to direct or control by reason of complexity
  17. stage business incidental activity performed by an actor for dramatic effect
  18. unlikeness dissimilarity evidenced by an absence of likeness
  19. on-line database a database that can be accessed by computers
  20. big business commercial enterprises organized and financed on a scale large enough to influence social and political policies