1. numerousness a large number
  2. numerosity a large number
  3. Marie Stopes birth-control campaigner who in 1921 opened the first birth control clinic in London (1880-1958)
  4. numerous amounting to a large indefinite number
  5. numbers pool an illegal daily lottery
  6. stereotype a conventional or formulaic conception or image
  7. juxtaposition the act of positioning close together
  8. humorousness the trait of merry joking
  9. numbers game an illegal daily lottery
  10. numerate determine the number or amount of
  11. morris dance any of various English folk dances performed by dancers in costume
  12. first base the base that must be touched first by a base runner in baseball
  13. numerator the dividend of a fraction
  14. number system any notation for the representation of numbers
  15. timorousness fear of the unknown or unfamiliar or fear of making decisions
  16. numbers racket an illegal daily lottery
  17. unpersuadable not susceptible to persuasion
  18. amorousness a feeling of love or fondness
  19. numeracy skill with numbers and mathematics
  20. meristem undifferentiated tissue from which new cells are formed, as at the tip of a stem or root