If you keep a journal, you probably write the day's most noteworthy events in it, or the most remarkable things that happen to you.

Something is described as noteworthy when it's worth taking interest in it. Your teacher's enormous new beehive hairdo might be noteworthy to you, while her insight into the history of your town might be less noteworthy. The adjective noteworthy is a compound word made from note plus worthy; in other words, if something's worthy of making a note about it, it's noteworthy.

Definitions of noteworthy
  1. adjective
    worthy of notice
    “a noteworthy advance in cancer research”
    synonyms: notable
    having worth or merit or value; being honorable or admirable
  2. adjective
    worthy of notice
    “a noteworthy fact is that her students rarely complain”
    synonyms: remarkable
    important, significant
    important in effect or meaning
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