Things that are nonstop keep going all the time without pausing. A week of nonstop rain can cause flooding, and be pretty gloomy too.

You can use the word nonstop as an adjective or adverb, and while it can literally mean "without stopping," it's also frequently used in an exaggerated way, to mean "a lot of the time." Your friend's description of a nonstop dance party or a nervous substitute teacher who giggles nonstop are examples of this. A nonstop plane flight, on the other hand, literally flies from one city to another without landing at another airport on the way.

Definitions of nonstop

adj at all times

around-the-clock, day-and-night, round-the-clock
continuous, uninterrupted
continuing in time or space without interruption

adj (of a journey especially a flight) occurring without stops

“a nonstop flight to Atlanta”
direct in spatial dimensions; proceeding without deviation or interruption; straight and short

adv without stopping

“we are flying nonstop form New York to Tokyo”

n a flight made without intermediate stops between source and destination

“how many nonstops are there to Dallas?”
nonstop flight
Type of:
a scheduled trip by plane between designated airports

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