nonparametric statistic

Definitions of nonparametric statistic
  1. noun
    a statistic computed without knowledge of the form or the parameters of the distribution from which observations are drawn
    synonyms: distribution free statistic
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    rank-difference correlation, rank-difference correlation coefficient, rank-order correlation, rank-order correlation coefficient
    the most commonly used method of computing a correlation coefficient between the ranks of scores on two variables
    Kendall test
    any of several nonparametric measures of correlation (used when the assumptions of standard correlational analysis are not met)
    fourfold point correlation, phi coefficient, phi correlation
    an index of the relation between any two sets of scores that can both be represented on ordered binary dimensions (e.g., male-female)
    Kendall partial rank correlation
    a nonparametric measure of partial correlation
    coefficient of concordance
    a coefficient of agreement (concordance) between different sets of rank orderings of the same set of things
    Kendall rank correlation, Kendall's tau, tau coefficient of correlation
    a nonparametric measure of the agreement between two rankings
    type of:
    a datum that can be represented numerically
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