The noun nonentity refers to a person of no significance or importance. If you are a member of a sports team, but spend all your time sitting on the bench watching the rest of the team play, you will probably feel like a nonentity.

Something that is an entity exists, and if you are considered a nonentity, you might as well not exist. A political nonentity has no power, and a social nonentity blends in with the wallpaper. Not only people are considered nonentities; groups or things can be nonentities too. If a nonentity beats a nationally ranked team, that's a real upset. The cereal brand that stays on the shelf and is ignored can also be considered a nonentity in the cereal market.

Primary Meanings of nonentity

a person of no influence
the state of not existing
Full Definitions of nonentity

n a person of no influence

cipher, cypher, nobody
pip-squeak, small fry, squirt
someone who is small and insignificant
jackanapes, lightweight, whippersnapper
someone who is unimportant but cheeky and presumptuous
Type of:
common man, common person, commoner
a person who holds no title

n the state of not existing

being, beingness, existence
the state or fact of existing
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irreality, unreality
the state of being insubstantial or imaginary; not existing objectively or in fact
nihility, nothingness, nullity, void
the state of nonexistence
impossibility, impossibleness
incapability of existing or occurring
out of touch with reality
falseness, falsity
the state of being false or untrue
thin air
nowhere to be found in a giant void
inconceivability, inconceivableness
the state of being impossible to conceive
the state of being unattainable
Type of:
the state of not being

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