A nominee is someone running for office. You could be a nominee for student council or for the presidency.

To nominate is to name or select someone as a candidate for office. In the United States, the primary elections help each party figure out who to nominate to run for office. That candidate is called the nominee. Once a nominee is selected, he or she runs against the sitting president. There are nominees at every level of government. Being a nominee is quite an honor, but it's not the ultimate goal: a nominee could still win or lose the election.

Definitions of nominee

n a politician who is running for public office

campaigner, candidate
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dark horse
a political candidate who is not well known but could win unexpectedly
favorite son
a United States politician favored mainly in his or her home state
running mate
a nominee for the lesser of two closely related political offices
a candidate with no chance of winning but who may draw enough votes to prevent one of the leading candidates from winning
a candidate put forward to divide the Opposition or to mask the true candidate
write-in, write-in candidate
a candidate for public office whose name does not appear on the ballot and so must be written on the ballot by the voters
Type of:
pol, political leader, politician, politico
a person active in party politics

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