Newsy things are full of information, details, or news. A newsy letter from your pen pal fills you in on everything she's been doing since the last time she wrote.

Newsy is a great, informal way to describe a chatty conversation or an informative email. Your sister's newsy phone calls give you all the gossip from her summer camp, and a newspaper columnist's newsy interviews are incredibly detailed. Since the 1830s, newsy has meant "full of news," from news, literally "new things," and the Old English root neowe, "new."

Definitions of newsy
  1. adjective
    full of news
    “a newsy letter”
    informative, informatory
    providing or conveying information
  2. adjective
    prone to friendly informal communication
    synonyms: chatty, gossipy
    communicative, communicatory
    able or tending to communicate
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