Newbie is a nickname for someone who is new to something. The new guy on a team or job is a newbie. Someone who just started using the internet is a newbie. Newbies are just starting out.

This word — which has new right in it — is a slangy term for someone just starting an activity. A person on their first day at a job is a newbie. A first-time soccer player is a newbie. Freshmen are newbies. The opposite of a newbie is a veteran. Because newbies are inexperienced, they have a lot to learn. Newbies are also called rookies.

Definitions of newbie
  1. noun
    any new participant in some activity
    synonyms: entrant, fledgeling, fledgling, freshman, neophyte, newcomer, starter
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    enlistee, recruit
    any new member or supporter (as in the armed forces)
    type of:
    beginner, initiate, novice, tiro, tyro
    someone new to a field or activity
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