A neologism is a made-up or new word. Neologisms can be fun-ti-ful, but the problem is making sure others understand what you mean.

The word neologism was once a neologism itself. It was created by gluing the French prefix neo- onto the Greek logos or "word." People coin neologisms all the time, linguists track which ones stick, and eventually, we all feel they're old friends. Or maybe not: random samples from words coined in 2003 include: adultolescence, pastability, pre-zactly, and neomaxizoomdweebie.

Definitions of neologism

n a newly invented word or phrase

coinage, neology
blend, portmanteau, portmanteau word
a new word formed by joining two others and combining their meanings
Type of:
a unit of language that native speakers can identify

n the act of inventing a word or phrase

coinage, neology
Type of:
the act of inventing

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