If you are neglected, no one gives you the care or attention you need, like when you felt neglected on your birthday because everyone was so caught up preparing for your sister's wedding.

To neglect something is to not take good care of it, like neglecting your pet salamander by not cleaning its cage, or fail to show your usual affection — neglecting your old friends when you make new ones. The person or thing that endures such shabby treatment is neglected — feeling unloved, ignored, and in need. Another meaning of neglected is "overlooked," like when you neglected to bring your umbrella and got soaked.

Definitions of neglected
  1. adjective
    lacking a caretaker
    “a neglected child”
    synonyms: unattended
    lacking needed care and attention
  2. adjective
    “Shaw's neglected one-act comedy, `A Village Wooing'”
    synonyms: ignored, unheeded
    not noticed
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