Use the noun necropolis to talk about a cemetery, especially an ancient, historical burying ground. You are more likely to find King Tut in a necropolis than your Great Aunt Edna.

Any graveyard can be called a necropolis, but the word is best used to describe a very large burying ground made up of tombs, or the ancient grave site of a famous or powerful historical figure. The pyramid at Giza, in Egypt, is an example of a necropolis — it's the tomb of an Egyptian pharaoh. In Latin, necropolis literally means "city of the dead," from the Greek burial site Nekropolis.

Definitions of necropolis

n a tract of land used for burials

burial ground, burial site, burying ground, cemetery, graveyard, memorial park
potter's field
a cemetery for unknown or indigent people
Type of:
land site, site
the piece of land on which something is located (or is to be located)

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