1. navigate direct carefully and safely
  2. Novgorod a city in northwestern Russia on the Volkhov River
  3. naval unit a military unit that is part of a navy
  4. waveband a band of adjacent radio frequencies
  5. Nagano a city in central Honshu to the northwest of Tokyo
  6. love knot a stylized or decorative knot used as an emblem of love
  7. invaginate sheathe
  8. navigation the guidance of ships or airplanes from place to place
  9. evacuant strongly laxative
  10. fag end the frayed end of a length of cloth or rope
  11. navigable able to be sailed on or through safely
  12. navigator the officer in charge of guiding a ship
  13. waveguide a hollow metal conductor that provides a path to guide microwaves; used in radar
  14. fecund capable of producing offspring or vegetation
  15. vacant without an occupant or incumbent
  16. inelegant lacking in refinement or grace or good taste
  17. unavenged for which vengeance has not been taken
  18. unfeigned not pretended; sincerely felt or expressed
  19. Navarino a decisive naval battle in the War of Greek Independence
  20. veranda a porch along the outside of a building

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