Someone who's narcoleptic has a disorder that makes them fall asleep very abruptly in the middle of the day. A narcoleptic bus driver could be dangerous.

Narcoleptic can be an adjective or a noun, describing the condition of narcolepsy or a person who suffers from it. A narcoleptic has a sleep disorder that makes him exhausted, even after a full night's sleep. Some narcoleptics drop off to sleep in the middle of a sentence, while others just become very sleepy throughout the day. A French doctor coined the word narcolepsie from the Greek roots narke, "numbness or stupor," and lepsis, "attack or seizure."

Definitions of narcoleptic

adj of or relating to narcolepsy

n a person who has narcolepsy

Type of:
diseased person, sick person, sufferer
a person suffering from an illness

n a soporific drug that produces an uncontrollable desire to sleep

Type of:
hypnotic, soporific
a drug that induces sleep

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