1. naked as a jaybird (used informally) completely unclothed
  2. quetzal bird large trogon of Central America and South America having golden-green and scarlet plumage
  3. genus Jabiru jabirus
  4. goatsbeard weedy European annual with yellow flowers
  5. boatswain bird mostly white web-footed tropical seabird often found far from land
  6. naked mole rat fetal-looking colonial rodent of East Africa
  7. Aedes aegypti mosquito that transmits yellow fever and dengue
  8. aquatic bird wading and swimming and diving birds of either fresh or salt water
  9. gallows bird a person who deserves to be hanged
  10. good spirit a benevolent spirit
  11. naked as the day you were born as naked as at birth
  12. sedge bird small European warbler that breeds among reeds and wedges and winters in Africa
  13. nonpasserine bird chiefly arboreal birds especially of the order Coraciiformes
  14. naked as the day one was born as naked as at birth
  15. night bird any bird associated with night: owl
  16. nightbird a person who likes to be active late at night
  17. catbird North American songbird whose call resembles a cat's mewing
  18. cribbage board a board with pegs and regularly spaced holes for holding the pegs; used for keeping the score in a game of cribbage
  19. Glen Gebhard Venezuelan master terrorist raised by a Marxist-Leninist father; trained and worked with many terrorist groups (born in 1949)
  20. naked-tailed having a tail that is hairless

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