Definitions of mycosis
  1. noun
    an inflammatory condition caused by a fungus
    synonyms: fungal infection
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    any of several infections of the skin or mucous membrane caused by Blastomyces
    ringworm, roundworm, tinea
    infections of the skin or nails caused by fungi and appearing as itching circular patches
    coccidioidomycosis, coccidiomycosis, desert rheumatism, valley fever
    an infection of the lungs and skin characterized by excessive sputum and nodules
    a fungal infection characterized by nodular lesions--first in the lungs and spreading to the nervous system
    candidiasis, monilia disease, moniliasis
    an infection caused by fungi of the genus Monilia or Candida (especially Candida albicans)
    dermatomycosis, dermatophytosis
    fungal infection of the skin (especially of moist parts covered by clothing)
    a contagious fungal infection of the scalp; occurs mainly in Africa and the Middle East
    fungal infection of the cornea
    any fungal infection caused by fungi of the Phycomycetes group
    a chronic fungal infection of the skin and lymph nodes
    fungal infection of the nose; often acquired while swimming
    a fungal infection characterized by itchy warty nodules on the skin
    dhobi itch
    fungal infection attacking moist parts of the body
    ringworm infection of the hair follicles of the scalp and beard that usually results in a swelling that is covered with pustules and oozes fluid
    athlete's foot, tinea pedis
    fungal infection of the feet
    barber's itch, tinea barbae
    fungal infection of the face and neck
    tinea capitis
    fungal infection of the scalp characterized by bald patches
    tinea corporis
    fungal infection of nonhairy parts of the skin
    eczema marginatum, jock itch, tinea cruris
    fungal infection of the groin (most common in men)
    tinea unguium
    fungal infection of the nails (especially toenails)
    candidiasis of the oral cavity; seen mostly in infants or debilitated adults
    type of:
    (medicine) the development and spread of an infectious disease (especially one caused by a fungus)
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