1. muscleman someone who does special exercises to develop a brawny musculature
  2. muscle sense the ability to feel movements of the limbs and body
  3. muscle spasm a painful and involuntary muscular contraction
  4. musk rose rose native to Mediterranean region having curved or climbing branches and loose clusters of musky-scented flowers
  5. muscle memory your memory for motor skills
  6. misogamist a person who hates marriage
  7. musculus one of the contractile organs of the body
  8. muskiness having the olfactory properties of musk
  9. monogamous having one mate
  10. muscle tone normal tonicity of the muscles
  11. muscle cell an elongated contractile cell that forms the muscles of the body
  12. muscle into force one's way
  13. musk mallow bushy herb of tropical Asia grown for its yellow or pink to scarlet blooms that resemble the hibiscus
  14. scale moss moss-like liverwort with tiny scalelike leaves
  15. ice mass a large mass of ice
  16. musk ox large shaggy-coated bovid mammal of Canada and Greenland
  17. muscle animal tissue consisting predominantly of contractile cells
  18. muscle system the muscular system of an organism
  19. miscreant a person without moral scruples
  20. misogynous hating women in particular