Munificence is the quality of being extremely generous, like showering your girlfriend with lots of expensive gifts and candy on Valentine's Day.

Munificence comes from the Latin word, munificentia, which literally means "present-making." Santa Claus shows great munificence every year by bringing presents to children, even if sometimes they've been naughty. Munificence can refer to any kind of generosity or ease in giving. A millionaire who donates time and money to help support the less fortunate shows munificence. Of course, munificence is easy for those with millions!

Definitions of munificence
  1. noun
    liberality in bestowing gifts; extremely liberal and generous of spirit
    synonyms: largess, largesse, magnanimity, openhandedness
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    type of:
    liberality, liberalness
    the trait of being generous in behavior and temperament
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