Other forms: multivitamins

A multivitamin is a pill you take each day that provides you with many different vitamins and minerals. If you want to get your A, your B, your C, your D, and your E all in one horse pill, then take your multivitamin!

Many people take multivitamins, including picky kids whose parents worry about their health and pregnant women, who need to take in more nutrients than usual. If you're feeling fatigued, your doctor might suggest taking a daily multivitamin. The word multivitamin makes it clear that this supplement contains more than one type of vitamin: multi- means "many or much," from a Latin root. Vitamin contains the Latin root vita, or "life."

Definitions of multivitamin
  1. noun
    a pill or tablet containing several vitamins
    synonyms: multivitamin pill
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    type of:
    vitamin pill
    a pill containing one or more vitamins; taken as a dietary supplement
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