Someone who is motivated has a cause to do something. If you have a habit of eating cheesecake for breakfast, an image of clogged arteries taped to your fridge might make you a motivated dieter.

You’ll find motive hidden inside motivated––and from detective movies you know every crime has a motive, or a reason it was committed. Racially-motivated crimes can spark riots. A killer might be motivated by jealousy, anger and greed. Being motivated doesn't always lead to crime, though. If you’re one of those rare birds that sticks to New Year’s resolutions, people probably ask, “How do you stay motivated?!” They mean, “How you avoid giving up like the rest of us?”

Definitions of motivated

adj provided with a motive or given incentive for action

“a highly motivated child can learn almost anything”
“a group of politically motivated men”
resulting from one's intentions
moved to action
driven, impelled
urged or forced to action through moral pressure
without motivation
not deliberate
causeless, reasonless
having no justifying cause or reason
motiveless, unprovoked, wanton
occurring without motivation or provocation
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