Morning is the earliest part of the day. No matter what time you get up, morning ends at noon.

Originally, in the 13th century, morning meant the time just before sunrise. Now, morning technically starts at 12:00am and lasts until 12:00pm. If you describe yourself as a "morning person," you like to get up early. Strangely enough, a "night person," who stays up very late might not go to bed until several early-morning hours have passed.

Definitions of morning
  1. noun
    the time period between dawn and noon
    “I spent the morning running errands”
    synonyms: forenoon, morn, morning time
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    type of:
    period, period of time, time period
    an amount of time
  2. noun
    the first light of day
    “they talked until morning
    synonyms: aurora, break of day, break of the day, cockcrow, dawn, dawning, daybreak, dayspring, first light, sunrise, sunup
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    sundown, sunset
    the time in the evening at which the sun begins to fall below the horizon
    type of:
    hour, time of day
    clock time
  3. noun
    a conventional expression of greeting or farewell
    synonyms: good morning
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    type of:
    farewell, word of farewell
    an acknowledgment or expression of goodwill at parting
    greeting, salutation
    (usually plural) an acknowledgment or expression of good will (especially on meeting)
  4. noun
    the earliest period
    “the morning of the world”
    synonyms: dawn
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    type of:
    the beginning of anything
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