Someone who's moneyed is wealthy or affluent — in other words, they're rich. If you have a great business idea for expanding your lemonade stand, you should run it by your moneyed aunt to see if she's willing to invest.

A moneyed university has plenty of funds and investments, and a moneyed lifestyle might be characterized by big houses, fancy cars, and luxurious vacations. A reference to the "moneyed class," or a "moneyed neighborhood" might be intended to draw attention to different economic groups within the same society. Moneyed comes from the Old English verb monien, "to supply with money."

Definitions of moneyed

adj based on or arising from the possession of money or wealth

moneyed interests”
not based on the possession of money

adj having an abundant supply of money or possessions of value

moneyed aristocrats”
affluent, flush, loaded, wealthy
possessing material wealth

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