1. modulus (physics) a coefficient that expresses how much of a specified property is possessed by a specified substance
  2. modiolus the central conical bony pillar of the cochlea
  3. model a representation of something, often on a smaller scale
  4. mouthless having no mouth or mouthlike opening
  5. modeled resembling sculpture
  6. Mytilus type genus of the family Mytilidae: smooth-shelled marine mussels
  7. modeler a person who creates models
  8. Model T the first widely available automobile powered by a gasoline engine; mass-produced by Henry Ford from 1908 to 1927
  9. meatless lacking meat
  10. modest marked by simplicity; having a humble opinion of yourself
  11. metal saw saw used with one hand for cutting metal
  12. modular constructed with standardized, prefabricated units or pieces
  13. module an inherent cognitive or perceptual power of the mind
  14. modeller a person who creates models
  15. modal relating to or expressing the mood of a verb
  16. nodulose having minute nodules
  17. motel a motor hotel
  18. modality the manner or style in which something is done
  19. medalist someone who has won a medal
  20. metalize coat with metal